Fats, Oils and Greases are generated in significant quantities from kitchens of Food Service Establishments and are the by-product of food preparation and washing up activities. The ultimate aim of grease trap system is to prevent untreated oils and greases from entering the drain so that the respective discharge levels of FOG, which vary widely (30mg –100mg/lt) from Authority to Authority, is ultimately achieved.

The FOG programme was introduced to control the discharge of FOG to the drainage network. In this programme, FSE operators will be licensed to discharge FOG by means of a trade effluent licence issued under the Water Pollution Act. As part of the conditions of that licence, limits will be set on the amount of FOG that may be discharged to the public drainage network.

What does it involve?

Initially, premises will be inspected, advice given to the operator on the steps they have to take to obtain a licence and once licensed, each FSE will subsequently be visited four times a year to ensure compliance with the limits set in the discharge licence. Local Government (Water Pollution) Regulations now require a FSE to make application for a trade effluent discharge licence. Applications consist of a one off plus an annual fee to cover the local authority cost of monitoring the license compliance and to assist the FSE operator in achieving compliance with the terms of the trade effluent discharge licence.  

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In order to be complaint  to regulation a FSE must install a grease trapping or grease retention equipment in order to reduce the levels of FOG in the final discharge. Best Management Practices (BMP) must also be implemented within an FSE to minimise FOG production. The design, operation and maintenance of grease management equipment must be fully in accordance with the relevant standards and the manufacturer’s instructions. Undersized or oversized equipment will not produce the required results.

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The FOG Programme

Under the FOG Programme, every food service establishment is required to apply for a licence to discharge trade effluent under Section 16 of the Local Government (Water Pollution) Act 1977.

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