greasetrap irelandBIO GREASE is the preferred supplier of passive and mechanical grease traps to BWG and Musgrave Wholesale Partners nationwide and listed as both bacteria supplier and FOG waste collector.

What do we do?

We manage waste from both passive and mechanical grease traps. We can either clean out a grease trap or we can treat with with bacteria. Using bacteria reduces the amount of waste sent for rendering. It is a cost effective and environmentaly friendly method. It also complies with all Local council regulations.

What Council Regulations?

New Council Regulations have been introduced to cut the amount of fats, oil and grease that are disposed into the sewage systems. BIO GREASE Solutions can help you comply with these regulations in a cost effective way be incorporating our bacterial treatment program along with regular clean outs. We are also available in an advisory roll from the outset, before a shop is built, to ensure the correct placement for the grease trap.

What kind of Grease Trap will I need?

The Grease Interceptors are sized and designed in accordance with IS EN 1825 Part 1 & 2. They are available as indoor or outdoor models, manufactyred in mild or stainless steel, single our double sealed, sunk in the groung or floor mounted with a choice of covers to suit all types of flooring materials and load bearing requirements.

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Did you know?

greasetrap are one of Ireland's first and leading greasetrap providers. No other company offers you a better services when it comes to installing and maintaining your greasetrap

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greasetraps ireland

greasetraps ireland

Why Greasetrap

  • Engineer / Architect Advice
  • Auto dosing pumps
  • Professional Consultancy
  • Fully Certified Products
  • Irish Water Approved

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"The greasetraps and other items we sell are all industry leading products, we dont compromise on quality."

Geraldine Kelly - CEO

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