Grease Trap Installation, Maintenance, And Uisce Éireann Compliance

Grease Traps Ireland

At Bio Grease Solutions, we consider reliability, sustainability, and compliance to be the cornerstones of our services.
Our stainless steel grease traps are Uisce Éireann (formerly Irish Water) certified, professionally installed, and maintained
to ensure your business is compliant with your Waste Discharge (trade effluent) licence.

That’s what makes Bio Grease Solutions Ireland’s trusted grease traps installation and
maintenance partner for some of the country’s biggest household names.

Who do we work with?

Why do you need a grease trap in Ireland?

For waste regulation compliance in Ireland, every organisation that prepares food on its premises is required
to have a fully certified grease trap to collect FOG – fat, oil, and grease.

Our grease traps fully comply with Uisce Éireann (formerly Irish Water) regulations to ensure your business avoids unnecessary fines
or enforced closure periods. Once certified, you can easily access your organisation’s up-to-date Grease Trap Service Record Report
certification on the Certification Login page on this website.

Which grease trap should you install?

Grease Traps Ireland
Grease Traps Ireland
Grease Traps Ireland

Following detailed inspection of your facility, our experts will advise on the specifications
needed to meet your exact requirements.

Our standard grease traps have volume capacity,
with indoor and outdoor versions available. When our standard capacities are not sufficient,
we will design the best solution to meet the needs of your organisation.

Why is cleaning & maintenance important?

Simply installing a grease trap is insufficient to ensure compliance and keep your plumbing system operational. To comply with Uisce Éireann waste standards, a business MUST maintain and service its grease traps every three months (quarterly).

Bio Grease Solutions provides a structured maintenance schedule that complies with local authority guidelines and best practice procedures. We provide complete Uisce Éireann (formerly Irish Water) certification, maintenance, pickup, disposal, and other services – so you can be sure that your trap is being maintained to the highest standards.
If you cannot produce certification proving your grease trap has been regularly cleaned and maintained, your food business faces being shut down or fined.

Why is cleaning & maintenance important?

Grease Trap Cleaning & Maintenance

How is your carbon footprint reduced?

Reduce Carbon Footprint

How is your carbon footprint reduced?

We are committed to reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the environment by putting your waste to good use. All of the fat, oil and grease we collect during cleaning and maintenance sessions are stored in specialised silos, and then recycled and repurposed as natural compost.

What services do we provide?

• Technical consultation to evaluate your FOG management requirements.

• Grease trap sizing and dimensions evaluation.

• Grease trap installation indoors or outdoors (before or after construction).

• Bespoke grease trap design for larger food preparation facilities.

• Year round/quarterly cleaning, maintenance and FOG waste disposal.

• Compliance with Uisce Éireann trade effluent regulations.

• Certification to prove Uisce Éireann compliance has been achieved.

• On-call weekend and emergency callout service for existing clients.

What you can rely on from Bio Grease Solutions

Grease Traps Ireland

For emergency
assistance contact us
today on 01 2542402

For emergency
assistance contact us
today on 01 2542402

Grease Traps Ireland


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