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Environmentally Friendly, Cost-Effective And Efficient Service For Grease Traps All Year Round

Grease Traps

Bio Grease Solutions Ltd is Ireland’s leading supplier of registered and certified grease traps.

We provide trusted professional services in grease trap installation and maintenance throughout the nation.
With depots in Dublin and the south east, we have you covered wherever you are.

No other company offers you better services when installing and maintaining your grease trap –
we’re affordable, reliable, and have a sustainable waste management process.

Bio Grease Solutions Ltd was one of Ireland’s first grease trap providers. Founded in 2005, the business was
set up in response to an underserviced but growing market in the waste management sector.

Through our commitment to reliability, sustainability and compliance in the delivery of our services,
and our genuine value-for-money attitude, we have become one of the largest and most prominent companies in
Ireland that install, service, and maintain grease traps for commercial use.

Who do we work with?

Our Cornerstones


With Bio Grease, you will become a part of a larger group of business owners that require grease disposal services and trust in us to deliver. We’re contracted with over 650 individual businesses and treat each client as a friend and priority. Your grease trap compliance is our duty and you can rely on us to ensure your records are up-to-date and compliant. At first, you only need to get in touch with our offices and we will arrange a free consultation call and schedule a grease trap inspection and survey. Our technicians are skilled in their trade and will be able to calculate what size grease trap your business needs, its installation, and the frequent of maintenance clean outs, checkups. In addition, we are equipped with several specialised vans, and installation and clean-up crews, so the installation and maintenance process is completed quickly, allowing your kitchen to remain operational.

Reliable Grease Traps


Bio Grease Solutions is an innovative company that follows global trends, and sustainability is one of our key points of operation. For example, we have a new headquarters – a fully refurbished and restored vintage building equipped with PV panels. Moreover, our grease trap cleaning methods are environmentally friendly. The grease we collect is later stored in specialised silos and then recycled and repurposed as natural compost in an off-site location. Generally, we offer our clients an environmentally friendly way to dispose of their grease waste and reduce their carbon footprint by recycling and repurposing their organic waste.

Sustainable Grease Traps

Our eco-friendly waste management process

• We send a team to clean, service, and collect the FOG from the grease trap.
• We then transport the FOG from an FSE to our own 10,000-litre FOG silos.
• Ormonde Organics, a third-party company, later collects the FOG in a specialised tank truck and recycles it.
• Ormonde Organics collects organic waste from companies within every industry and municipal authority and
uses it to generate green energy (biogas, electricity, heat) and nutrient-rich soil amendment products (compost).
Our certified waste management process complies with waste laws and regulations and uses
advanced anaerobic digestion of food, municipal, and industrial organic waste methods.
Bio Grease – we collect your FOG waste and lower your carbon footprint by
applying sustainable waste management processes.


Bio Grease Solutions will manage any compliance issues with Uisce Éireann. For waste compliance, every business that cooks food on their premises needs a grease trap to collect FOG – fats, oils, and grease. When you become our client, we provide everything to keep your business compliant with waste laws and regulations. We procure grease trap documentation that you can present to Uisce Éireann inspectors or their sub-contractors TELIS (Trade Effluent License Information Services).

Don’t risk hefty fines, closures or bringing polluting shame on your business; get in touch with Bio Grease Solutions today!

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Geraldine O SullivanManaging Director
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John FitzpatrickBusiness Development Manager
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