Grease traps require regular cleaning, and the recovered FOG/water mixture must be collected by a properly licensed waste contractor and disposed of at a licensed facility. In addition, we provide complete maintenance services so you can rest assured that your business is looked after correctly and to all the correct standards.
The minimum cleaning frequency required for grease traps/interceptors is 90 days for good maintenance of your grease traps. However, more frequent cleaning intervals are recommended to prevent grease traps/interceptors from operating poorly or improperly. Some other best management practices we suggest you follow include the following:

• Regular inspection and maintenance of the grease management system
• Develop a grease trap/interceptor cleaning procedure and maintenance log /record for staff.
• The use of strainers in sinks.
• Dry wiping and/or pre-rinsing dishes and pots before they are washed to remove additional grease.
• Before cleaning, allow ice to melt in the sink; this will reduce odours and cause grease to congeal, making removal easier.
• Remove only grease and any accumulations and leave the water behind.
• Flush with warm soapy water after a clean-out and a final visual inspection.

Grease traps